How to Read Manager's Report: Progress will show course letters abbreviation and Higest level reached. i.e. LH1,LH2,LH3 indicates the student is on the 3 level of LH(Life-Health)
Course Name Section Count Section Name
Calif 52 Hr Life/Health/Code & Ethics NO final required. 12 LHC
Calif 12 Hr Code and Ethics with Exam Prep 3 CE
Calif 40 Hr Life, Health, and Accident with Exam Prep 9 LAH
Calif 20 Hr Life Only with Exam Prep 5 LO
Calif 20 Hr Accident & Health with Exam Prep 4 AH
Property & Casualty (40 Hour) 3 FC
Personal Lines (20 Hours) 3 PL
Limited Lines Auto - 12 Hour Course 3 LLA
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